To transport a vehicle, what should I do?

To transport a vehicle, you must contact us online, through the rate enquiry or through our contact form. You will need to know the weight of the vehicle and send a copy of you ID and the vehicle’s documentation to the agent in the region.

Does the vehicle shipping include insurance?

We do not offer insurance services in the Shipping Service that we carry out. We advise the client, to inquire about the best propositions with his usual insurer.

Can I transport belongings or people in the vehicle?

It is not allowed to transport belongings or people in the car.

Is the vehicle transported in a container or deck?

The vehicle is transported on deck. If you want it to be transported in a container, you can speak to our logistics company, ETE-Logística, which will offer you the best rates.

Can the vehicle be transported with a full fuel tank?

There is no inhibition for the vehicle to be transported with full fuel tank. We are not responsible for any loss of it.


What are the delivery times for my cargo?

Delivery times will depend on the origin and destination of your cargo. For a more accurate answer, please contact the agent.

How can I make a rate enquiry and what information do I need?

You can request a rate for the transport of your cargo through the Rate Enquiry link, by email or over the phone. To make this request you will need to provide information about the nature of the cargo, destination and origin.

How can I track the location of my cargo?

You can track the location of your cargo through our WebCargoTracking by providing the Bill of Landing number (BL) or the container number.

Where can I pay for the service?

Payment can be made by bank transfer.

How is the Reefer’s temperature maintained?

The reefer is connected to the vessel’s electric supply at the required temperature and is periodically reviewed by the ship’s controllers.

Can I put a lock in my container?

Padlocks may be placed in the containers if the customer so chooses. In addition, in containers transported through our Company, security seals are placed with an identification number, which is then specified to the customer. These seals are intended to ensure the integrity of your cargo until destination.

Are there any types of cargo you cannot carry?

For more information, contact our company or the agent in question, informing the cargo type you want to transport.

In addition to cargo do you also carry passengers?

No, Transinsular does not carry passengers.

If I need to make a complaint how should I proceed?

In this situation, please send the written complaint to the Insurance and Claims Department (seguros@ete.pt).

I would like to work in your company, how can apply?

You can search for open opportunities in the ETE Group through the Careers link.


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